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History of Bhangarh fort

Within a shorter span of time, Bhangarh fort became a centre of attraction for tourists & travel enthusiasts due to some sorts of haunted incidents. There is a long list of frightening stories associated with the palace that is surrounded by a forest. Built in 1631, Bhangarh is situated just 300km away from Delhi and 40Km from Jaipur. Several spine-chilling stories of paranormal activities are related to this fort; however, it is still doubtful if they’re just a part of mere folklore or factual sayings. It is still unclear whether the villagers of Bhangarh migrated to some places or suffered death due to extreme drought. These four stories highlight the relevant reasons behind the spooky happenings of Bhangarh fort:

The local legends believe that the curse by Baba BaluNath led to the destruction of entire fortress. The king took his permission to construct this fort on a condition that imposes him to ensure that its shadow won’t fall on the Samadhi (burial) place of Guru Balu or otherwise, the structure will fall as a result of his curse. However, the walls of this palace were raised without paying any attention to the curse which began casting a shadow on his grave. Ultimately, it was unstoppable to obstruct the demolition of the fort due to the curse. Many locals even claim that Baba’s burial site still exists at this spot.

Other two theories reveal that Bhangarh collapsed either during the war against Ajabgarh or suffered the consequences of continual drought. Another thought-provoking story on Bhangarh fort goes around the characters of Ratnavati who is portrayed as the beautiful princess of Bhangarh and a tantric named as Singhia. As the princess crossed the age of adolescence, she started getting marriage proposals. Singhia was a magician and he was stunned with the unmatched beauty of Ratnavati. Though the magician felt in love with the princess, he plotted a plan to conquer her with his black magic tricks. In continual to his aspirations to attract the princess, he did black magic to the oil that was meant to be applied on Ratnavati’s hair. However, Ratnavati had a strong intuition of this occult and she responded proactively against it by throwing the oil back on a boulder and this incident certainly led to the death of tantric Singhia. The dying magician further cursed Bhangarh& the people living in the town.

While there is no logical justification to all the stories related tothe mystical history of Bhangarh fort, the beliefs of locals & villagers make a contradictory remark on it. People often recalled this site as a sanctuary of ghosts and they also claim that the fort is subjected to strange activities such as screaming & crying noise of women or sounds of glass smashing or breaking of bangles, music, & more. It is often heard that many visitors even felt the fragrance of a special perfume along with unknown lights & creepy shadows. Some people even say that they felt like someone is following them or walking beside and even faced an unexpected fear of getting slapped by an invisible power. Even authorities warn travellers to avoid visiting the fort after sunset as a person entering this ghostly site never comes out of it alive. Therefore, the entrance ofBhangarh fort is blocked after sunset and it is absolutely impossible to visit this place at night. It is also defined that the complete landscape turns gloomy with a storm ofabsurd hollowness once the day ends with the last ray of sunlight. Though the spirits are mostly expected to roam around the fort during late night hours, it is not safe to visit this palace for own safety.